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A new dimension of physical therapy experience provided by James AU

​Rehabilitation to Performance

Seamless Integration of Manual Therapy and Movement Training

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About Me

Experienced Rehab and 
Coaching Professional

Hi my name is James Au, physical therapist, strength and conditioning specialist. I specialize in helping bodybuilders, weightlifters and active people to reach their full performance potential in and out of the gym, from rehab to return-to-sport, inner self to excelling in sports and life.

My goal is to bridge the gap between rehabilitation and athletic training, and help you understand how the human body works and moves. Through integration of manual therapy and movement exercise,  it is proven to reduce pain, enhance mobility, recover from old and nagging injuries. I have had success with thousands of clients to get out of pain and start a regular exercise routine. And pass on to accredited coaches who associate with me for better results. 

If only physical therapists in Asia are able to enjoy autonomous practice,

we could help more people to get out of movement pain " 

hip mobilization for groin pain

Physical Therapy 

Be alongside with you on the road of recovery

single leg balance exercise

ACL Rehab Training

Train like an athlete

strech exercise for shoulders
massage on elbow
anke assessment by hands

" If we train Muscles we will forget Movements.

If we train Movements we will never forget Muscles. "

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